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Birth chart Reading

Audio Recording starting at $15 USD

Career Clarity Tarot Reading

Are you feeling lost on your career path? Unsure of what job may be ideal for you, or simply feeling like your next step is unclear?


Together we can use the tarot to reveal your innate talents, skills and subconscious desires, including any potential obstacles in your path. The cards can explore what career or role may be ideal for you, and choices or decisions you can make now to increase your chances for fulfillment, success and abundance - whether that's in your current role, or in another job.

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Relationship Reading
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Relationship Clarity
Tarot Reading

Audio Recording starting at $15 USD

Relationships are work. What's even more challenging - you can only control 50% of the energy. This often means feeling confused, frustrated and unsure of where you stand. Whether a crush, a budding relationship, a 20-year marriage or an ex flame, together we'll use the tarot to explore the current state of your relationship and where it's headed.

This reading will explore the energy of both parties - thoughts, feelings, intent and emotional baggage  - and where the relationship may be headed in the coming months.

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yearly Transit Reading
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Year Ahead Tarot Reading

Audio Recording starting at $50 USD

This reading provides general insight into the energy and potential around every major aspect of your life for the next 12 months - career, love, finances, home & family.  This is a fantastic reading for the new year, birthdays or if you're looking for deeper meaning and a better understanding of your path ahead.

The future is never set in stone, however this reading will provide a roadmap and help you navigate what's most probable for you this year in love, career, home and finances, highlighting areas where you may need to focus and grow.

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Brass Clock
yearly Transit Reading

Past Life Reading

Audio Recording starting at $25 USD

Your soul has lived many lifetimes and experienced many incarnations in its growth and expansion. You've chosen to live at this particular time and in this particular body - but do you ever wonder where you've come from?

This reading will explore a past life shown to me by your Guides, including who you were, the soul lessons learned and experienced and how your past life may be affecting your current incarnation.

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