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What to ask the Tarot? The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

When it comes to the Tarot, not all questions are created equal. How and what we ask of the Tarot can, and will, shape the output (whether that output is helpful and empowering is up to you).

Consider the concept of 'GIGO' - that is, 'Garbage in, Garbage Out'. In computer science, GIGO is the concept that flawed, or nonsense input data produces nonsense output or "garbage".

Consider this: you're a marathon runner but you eat deep-fried fast food three times a day, washed down with a litre of soda. When you go for a run, you're sluggish, winded and unable to maintain your pace. What you put in is not serving what you want to put out. That's the concept of GIGO.

In Tarot, I apply GIGO in the form of the question we ask or the angle we take. If the question is close-ended or removes your personal power, the advice which comes through will be of little to no use to you. For example, consider the question "Will I get the job?" Here's the output:


The answer? No.

How would you feel with this answer? Would you have a sense of closure? Would you feel satisfied and empowered, clear on how to move ahead? Chances are, not at all. So let's reframe the question to "What do I need to know about my current job prospects?"

In this case, we might see that you're very hopeful about a new job opportunity because you've been through the ringer emotionally and spiritually at your last job. You're hoping this will be the opportunity to move from the troubled waters to the smooth, and will save you from heartbreak. Notice that the gentleman in the boat is taking his emotional baggage with him - each of those swords represents mental weight. It does look like disappointment may be eminent for you - a decision that dashes your hopes or feels like a personal attack on your worthiness, or even getting the job and finding you took yourself with you. While this job may not pan out as you hoped, it will be the catalyst for you to look deep within yourself - why are you unhappy? Is it the external circumstance, or a subconscious fear or need that is calling out to be expressed? You'll soon have a chance to examine what's led you to this moment, and how you higher self wishes to progress to lead you into a brighter future. You're being assured by the universe that you have the inner wisdom and ability to find happiness, but first it must be found within you.

There. Feels better, doesn't it? So much clearer and empowering than, "nope, this job ain't happening for you".

Rule of Thumb: A good question puts you in the driver's seat

So many people believe they've no control over their future - that some unseen force has already predetermined their path. And while there are definite spiritual lessons we are meant to encounter on our journey, how we encounter them and how we choose to digest and learn from them are completely up to us.

Ready to form a question? Great! Here's a list of 30 Questions to ask the Tarot which might help you shape your question to empower a bold, confident decision. These are real questions which I've been asked (and have reframed), and I'm now passing them on to you.

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