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A Note on Timing (and why I don't read for it)

A recent querant of mine followed up with a question - she wanted to know about timing.

'All of what you spoke of and predicted resonated, but just one more thing -- when?'

Here's my answer, in it's entirety. I hope you find resonance, too.

Funnily enough, the one thing I don't believe can be accurately predicted, is time. That's like attempting to pin down the direction the wind will blow or asking 'how long is a piece of string?'

Here's why.

There is no "one" future. Each day, the choices we make - through our divinely given and supported freewill - change the course of our future. While I believe there are energy potentials around us, and that the universe sends us people, opportunities, and synchronicity to match our desires, ultimately our choice to act or not act will always trump "fate". That being said, the Law of Attraction will always bring what you desire, but there's an element there of what will seem like a paradox - the more we cling to an attachment of 'when', the further away the 'when' becomes. Or, by focusing on the lack of something, we draw in more lack. By releasing the attachment to the outcome, we surrender to the energy that allows opportunity to flow to us. I highly recommend reading up on / listening to podcasts/YouTube on the Law of Attraction (particularly Abraham-Hicks),as I've truly come to learn the power of setting intentions and letting the timing take care of itself.

I will say, I avoid trying to predict time in any reading, even those I do for myself. Of course, we can pull cards around timing, but I also believe that can alter the outcome in the process. For example, if I told you you will get a new job in November, that would most likely change your behaviour. You might not take an interview in March - and perhaps that interview was for a position that ultimately wouldn't open until November, or that would have lead to an introduction to another employer, etc. Our actions today lead us to tomorrow, and it's a chain of events that focusing or attaching to timing can most certainly interrupt.

That was a long winded answer, but also wanted to make sure you understand my position. When querants ask for timing, I always say to act on your instinct and impulses. Your Spirit Team and higher self ('soul') will give you impulses to act in certain moments - ex. make you feel like you need to reach out to someone, to hire someone (a career coach, for example), to have a certain conversation, to act or not act. That's your timing - if you have to "force" yourself to do something, it's not the right time.

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