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My Beliefs & Practices as a Tarot Reader

No two readers are built the same.

Each offers their own style, specialties and flavour.

This is my Personal Code of Ethics. It's what I stand by, and what you can expect of me during our time together.

  • I commit to providing clarity, empowering you with the ability to make confident decisions. Each reading shall explore, in detail, the energies and intentions of all involved, with clear, actionable options for decision-making.


  • I will approach and conduct each reading with an open mind, devoid of any personal judgement. Each question will be read in accordance with the energy of the cards and I will always seek to remove my personal views or considerations from the reading.


  • Your confidentiality will always be upheld; all questions, direct messages, e-mails, recordings, images and discussions will be kept private, unless permission to share is requested and expressly granted.


  • I will not administer advice regarding legal or health issues; including, but not limited to, pregnancy or paternity, mental health, processes or outcome of legal issues or legal advice.


  • I will not address third-party inquiries; this is defined as the intent to explore the thoughts, actions or feelings of one or more persons or situations to whom you are not directly connected (i.e. what is going on between my ex-lover and his new fiancé?, what is my compatibility with Brad Pitt?, etc.)


  • I reject the notion of 'fortune telling' - I believe no future is set in stone and that a reading can never, and will never capture an absolute future; at all times you are granted free-will, and will be reminded, as necessary, that energy can and will shift based on your own intentions, actions and focus. Your reading will project the most probable outcome based on present circumstance - YOU decide how to act or not act, according to that information.

  • I believe divine timing cannot be predicted, and therefore will not communicate or commit to predictions of specific timing; divine timing and human timing is not the same thing. The 'when' of something depends as much on your moment-to-moment choices and freewill, as it does for others around you. The universe is gathering the elements needed to bring your intentions to fruition; the when of it is like asking "how long is a piece of string?". For more info, please see my blog post on timing.

  • I am committed to your health and well-being; a reading should never, ever replace professional guidance. If I come to understand you may require assistance from a professional and / or are in danger of harm, I reserve the right to halt the reading at any time and recommend you to a professional care provider. A refund will be issued.

So what does this mean for you? Read on, my fine friends ...


Frequently Asked Questions

What question(s) should I bring to my reading?

Any question which relates you to personally and is open-ended with focused intent.

Some good examples include: "What can I expect from my new boss?", "What is the current energy of my relationship?", "What should I consider about buying a home now?"

Respectfully, I do not read health (incl. paternity/pregnancy) or legal-related questions.

Will you do a general reading?

We can explore the energy around you now, as well as future potential. However, I will prompt to you to ask yourself "what is my intent for this reading?" in order to discover your motivation for seeking a reading, and to pick an area of focus for that energy and potential.

Can you / will you tell me who my soulmate is or when I will get married?

It's important to remember that there are innumerable paths, people and situations available to us in this lifetime. While we can explore the energy of your romantic future, I will focus on the energy, blocks or challenges and potential outcome. As there are multiple romantic potentials for you (based on your personal choices), I will not label, diagnose, confirm or deny a soulmate or 'twin flame' relationship, an exact person or time, as this would interfere with your freewill.

Speaking of Twin Flames, do you offer Twin Flame readings?

I will not attempt to diagnose, label, confirm or deny your relationship as a Twin Flame. My role is to highlight the energy around you as a couple, including feelings, obstacles and potential, so you may make the best decision for your future. I do not perform Twin Flame readings.

What are your hours / availability?

I read once daily in the evenings (weekdays) and mornings (weekends). You may book by via my queue on Fiverr.

How many cards will be included in my reading?

Unlimited. I do not limit my cards and draw as many as I feel are needed to answer your question in detail within our appointment time.

Do you offer same-day bookings?

I read once daily in the evenings (weekdays) and mornings (weekends). Most of my readings on Fiverr offer 24 hour turnaround.

Do you offer refunds?

During your reading, you'll have opportunity to ask for further clarification and guide the insights. As we are dealing in energy, time and future potentials, once the reading is booked and paid for in full, I do not offer refunds.

Do you offer free readings?

As a professional reader, I've spent hundreds of hours studying, practicing, honing my skills and intuition, not to mention the financial investment in books, decks, attending seminars, workshops and purchasing metaphysical supplies. I believe readings involve an energetic exchange between two people, and believe I charge fairly and justly for my skill and dedication to the craft.

You may wish to follow my social accounts, where I sometimes offer general readings and card pulls. Check me out on Facebook and Instagram

Are you psychic/clairvoyant?

I am an Intuitive, meaning the messages I receive from the cards are through a connection to my own guides and angels, symbols, patterns and the story the cards weave together. I am happy to recommend readers with varying talents, including mediumship and clairvoyance, whom I trust to provide other forms of readings, should you so choose.

Let's get to reading.

I will respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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